A Journey to Multi-Cloud – Cloud Migration

Girish Raja

April 5, 2022

This is Girish Raja, Staff Cloud Solution Architect with VMware starting this blog series on Multi-Cloud and VMware Cloud offerings towards Multi-Cloud which should make cloud adoption faster and easier. I believe this information will be beneficial for the readers to understand and make strategic decisions towards adopting Multi-Cloud. Before getting there, here is a small introduction about myself. I am a 20yr veteran in IT Industry with expertise around Servers, Storage, BCP-DR, Virtualization, Networking, Mission-Critical Databases and Applications, Private & Public Cloud Architectures.

During my entire career I have been part of many projects that involves consulting, architecting, and deploying complex BCP-DR Solutions, Infrastructure Automations, Database, and Application Migrations, Software Defined Datacenter Solutions, etc. The first of the series focuses on the Multi-Cloud Era and its challenges which VMware Cloud should help to overcome for enterprises planning to kick start their cloud journey.

| VMware Cloud Introduction – A Journey Towards Multi-Cloud |

In this era of digital transformation, every IT organization wants to focus on their application to build a strategy that supports their business agility needs. Most of the organizations are either looking to or have already deployed their applications / data across on-premises infrastructure, edge and public cloud infrastructure. This nature of decentralization allows customer infrastructure to be more robust and flexible at the same time brings in new challenges with respect to skill sets, application SLA, tools to maintain and monitor and at last but not the least network security for these applications and data on the diversified environment.

Existing Apps

Over and above this, landing on the cloud is one big challenge for organization which requires customers to modify the format of the virtual machines to be able to run them on cloud. Due to this it is never easy to move applications to cloud seamlessly and then migrate them to another cloud, be it public or private if such a need arises.

Most of the organization today face challenges while migrating to cloud due to legacy and rigid monolith applications. This is an area where they would want to focus on either Replatform or Refactor their applications to be able to utilize the native cloud services plus its benefits of availability, elasticity, and the on-demand nature of the cloud. Though this looks good on paper and encouraging to adopt, it is never easy in a multi-cloud world due to the various complexities it brings due to the diversified architecture.


Above mentioned challenges are slowing down multi-cloud adoption. To overcome this scenario there is a need for consistency across the cloud infrastructures. To be specific the consistency must be at the infrastructure layer, operations layer and for a consistent developer experience to be able to deliver apps at the pace of the business.

This is where VMware’s unique vision with VMware Cloud can help customer to be able to overcome all these challenges and land on cloud at a rapid pace, the beauty though is the choice of the hyperscaler belongs to customer. Once landed on cloud, it opens wide range of options to expand to the native cloud services offered by the respective hyperscaler. With VMware Cloud, customer can run their infrastructure, workloads and applications across multiple clouds (be it public or private) and be able integrate these deployments together so that they can be provisioned, managed, automated and monitored as a single entity.

At the time of writing this blog, VMware Cloud is available to be run on Hyperscalers that include AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, Alibaba & IBM Cloud. Apart from that customers can also choose from over 4000+ VMware Cloud Providers across the globe.

That’s it for the initial one. Soon there will be a second part to my series where I will be covering the use cases that we can address through VMware Cloud and the migration strategies.

Watch this space for more. Till then, Stay Safe and Healthy…..


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